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                                                      Is a tall goalkeeper  important 

Being tall is advantageous as a goalkeeper because attackers getting bigger and stronger.

But do we want a tall goalkeeper who has these 15 cm extra but makes mistakes and cannot play football or do we want a smaller one who is 1.85 but who has great safes and can play football.

The discusion is always "we need a goalkeeper and he need to be tall" never you hear " we need a goalkeeper and he needs specific quality's " 

I ask myself "why" 

Of course a tall goalkeeper has advantage but what is tall, 1,85 or 1,90 or 1,95 ??. 

I think when you are 1.85 and you are brave,  can read the game, your position, jumping, timing, mentality is good then you are big enough to play on top level

Look at Iker Casillas, Victor Valdez, Kenneth Vermeer, David Ospina, Michel Vorm they play or played on the highest level, Champions Leaque and for there country

Who remember Jorge Campos from Mexico, he played two FIFA world cups for Mexico and played in the MLS for Los Angeles Galaxy and Chigago Fire  

He could jump high and his timing was very good, is this trainable, yes it is.

We need to look for quality and not only look at hight, ok it is nice when you have it but if i have a 1.85 goalkeeper who has it all i would choose him above a 1.95 goalkeeper who is struggling.