Goalkeeper gloves, your equipment

Goalkeeper gloves is personal but you need good quality, the model needs to fit you well and the grip need to be outstanding in all weather conditions.

There are a lot of models on the market but what you choose is personal

Rol finger, flat finger, negative finger, this is how the model of the gloves are made, which one you prefer is up to you

Then there are also a lot of latex to choose, the quality of the latex is very different 

You can buy cheap gloves but then you know that you losing the quality of the grip

I tried myself some brands like Sells, Peak and now for a couple years Onekeeper.

Sells was for me the perfect gloves, i used the wrap serie and was very satisfied about them, except for the last years when the quality go down and the prize went up

They are expensive if you compare them with other brands.

Later i get from Tim Krul the brand Peak, Tim makes this gloves based on his own experience as a professional goalkeeper.

The gloves are very good and the grip is great, the prize and quality are good.

The last years i wear Onekeeper, a dutch company founded by Arjen de Vries, 

Arjen had before he started a lot of experience with other brands and take that into his own company. 

He develops the gloves which his knowledge and listen very good to goalkeepers about the design and grip.

They make great gloves and are very good in prize and quality 

I know that some brands adjust the gloves that professional goalkeepers are wearing, because they have there own preferences

it is also for brands a marketing tool to sell gloves, if a big name play with them everybody wants them. 

But in a lot of cases you do not buy the glove that wear the big name, only a look a like.

My suggestion is if you want to buy gloves you need to fit them to see if this what you want,

The grip is very important but that you only will know when you play or train with them. 

If you buy gloves it is not possible to send them back if the grip is not good, so you need to be shore of your choice.

Maybe you can try them from a colleague goalkeeper, to see if these are the gloves you want.

To find the the wright glove is not easy so don't buy them because they look great but buy them because they fit well and have great grip.

Better get informed very well by asking the good questions and talk to other goalkeepers or independent people then buy expensive gloves and be sorry afterwards, because you don't buy new ones every week.